Implementing some kind of motion sensor in place of NO/NC Push Button.

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Hi everyone!

Firstly, I apologise if this is the wrong place to post!

Over the last couple of years I've used a Weigl ProCommander PHX to control some event spaces from a series of push buttons. These have simply been wired from the PS+ to a terminal of a NO/NC push button and the other terminal routing back to Input 1(etc) on the back of the device. It's worked fantastically to provide interactive experiences to customers that can trigger lighting, audio, video, and we've also used it to operate automatic doors (often secret passages) through means of a DMX controlled relay.

In light of Covid-19 it's now become essential that we minimise peoples interactions with others and objects in an event environment. So I'd love for one of you kind, knowledgeable people to recommend how I might achieve this through some form of motion detector.
I think I'd require a Photoelectric sensor to achieve the more "tripwire" style of trigger rather than an infrared sensor that would monitor motion over a larger space. The more I looked at these devices however, the more I saw terms such as PNP and NPN and I've struggled to get my head around what exactly it is I'll need and how I'd wire it to my ProCommander without damaging it, or indeed myself in the process.

I'm really fascinated into learning more ways of triggering this device however I'm primarily a sound engineer who has dived into the world of automated show control, lighting, and projection over the last two years. I've pretty much hit a barrier that requires my knowledge of electronics to progress. Any recommendations of where to start in developing these skills would be hugely appreciated.

Many thanks in advance!


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Something like this would suit? Very easy to wire up, PS+ to + and PS:Gnd to - on both Tx and Rx, PS+ to COM on Rx and either NO or NC to an input as appropriate.

If you find something else that suits, drop me a line and I can advise...