Implementation of BiSS C interface for an encoder

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BiSS C DB3 protocol interface for Absolute encoder is Open Source and Free Communication protocol hardware compatible with SSI interface. And it is used widely in absolute position encoders. However searching for sample codes and implementations yields zero results. Most BiSS master are Closed source FPGA based or ASIC like ( or some ( microprocessors.

I want to replace an SSI encoder with BiSS in my DIY CNC machine, because it contains CRC and i want some kind of checksum to ensure the data read is correct. It is point to point connection. I am only interested in reading the position. Not all the intelligent functions.

So my 2-part Question :

1- Can i get away with simple implementation (read position only) on the same 8-bit micro-controller that i am using now for SSI that is doing other staff . Or it is mandatory to set certain functions and registers for the device to work.

2- If I want to go the extra mile and implement a full BiSS master on a dedicated 8-bit Micro , is it a one man job ? too complex ? any advice in this regard.