I'm having charging problem with my Hp 2510p.

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I'm having charging problem with my Hp 2510p, I fixed d power problem successful but not charging, charging indicator light came on but the batter not charging, the battery is tested OK. Please can you direct me to a tutorial showing the best way to fix this problem.


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How do you know the battery is OK ???

Take out the battery.
Open the laptop using charger only, let windows finish loading. Then insert battery while the windows is open. If battery is OK, windows will detect battery and start charging.


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Is the windows showing any charging indication ?
Is windows asking "Consider replacing the battery" ?

If you use another system to charge, then do a full charge first.
After that run ur laptop and check how fast it is discharging. If it discharges with an hour without laptop doing anything other than just running windows, replace battery.
If you get more like 2 hours, then plug in the charger and see if charging and check increase in percentage. If not increasing you have faulty charger section in the motherboard