I'm a student and I need help with this circuit analysis.

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    Oct 24, 2017
    So I know those are the right answers to voltage going in that direction over v1 and v2 because this was an in class exercise and I recreated the circuit on a simulator. What I couldn't figure out from class or at home yet is how to do the calculations correct, especially for the -5.88v going over v2. I think Rtotal should be 7.727ohms and I think that's what we said it was in class but after that I'm lost and it didn't help that the teacher explaining it to us was sick lol! God I hate the traditional classroom and lab structure for this stuff but that's another discussion.

    So if I take out the 25v battery, the resistance total I thought should still be the same and then I would calculate 10volts divided by Rt 7.727ohms which should be 1.29amps current total, after that I'm kinda lost though.
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    Feb 17, 2009
    Yes , Rtot is indeed equal to 7.72Ω
    Also, notice that we can find V1 without doing almost any calculations.
    Do you know that the voltage is a potential difference bettwin two points?
    What is the voltage at the most left node? And what is the voltage at the most right node? With respect to ground.

    I know that this is not so obvious to you but you can remove the top 10 Ohms resistor from the circuit and still be able to find the V2 voltage.
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    Your Rtotal is looking between what points?

    The effective resistance depends on where you are looking. The resistance seen by the 25 V source is not (in general) going to be the same as seen by the 10 V source.

    Apply KVL at the T-junction in the middle.
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    Oct 24, 2017
    Ah, I think I'm starting to understand this a lot better now and can solve the circuit and get the right answers. Thank you sooo much!