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    Aug 10, 2013
    Hello citizens of the world :)

    I'm a new member here and this is my first thread/post. I have read the topic of how to post a question, so I'm hoping that I'm doing everything nicely.

    I'm Ahmed, born in Saudi Arabia and studying in IIUM, Malaysia and I'm 20. I started my higher education in 2012 around two years after I finished my high school and I'll start my second year after the holiday. The system in my university is that you choose your major in your second semester, so the first year will be general engineering subjects (Electric circuits, statics, dynamics...etc), and my main goal was to choose mechatronics. However, I tried the mechanical subjects, and didn't really like them but I liked electronics so after a very long long thinking, I decided to choose "Electronics: computer and information engineering".

    The only two subjects that I took which are related to CIE (my major) are Electric Circuits and Electronics. I can't say that I was ever interested in electronics but I think all the time that I wanna do something to myself and this world, and since I chose CIE, it might be the way to do that. I'm now in this loong holiday and thought that if I want to invent something, I can start already, so I searched google with "good electronics engineer" and found this , which led me here.

    What do you suggest me to do? I work hard, and have 3.8~ CGPA but I feel like there is still something missing. Do I need to learn stuff by myself? What do you advise me to be successful?! For my own situation, this major might not be the best for the market in where I come from, however I love this and I wanna excel at it, help me please.

    Thanks for reading :)
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    Oct 18, 2012
    To quote wmodavis from the link you provided(bold is my emphasis):
    You must take the initiative to learn things that may, or may not, be taught to you during your time at university. Waiting to be taught and never learning on your own readies you for a career of always being behind. If your (future) boss puts you on a project you know little about, will you wait until he explains it for you, or learn it yourself? If you make it a point to learn things on your own (certainly, it's not possible to know everything), you increase your ability to have a valid opinion before the boss gives you a project. At the very least, you could have another tool/idea to use to approach a future problem you may be asked to find a solution to.

    The key is to never stop learning - not being in a classroom is hardly an excuse to not learn something new.
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    tshuck is absolutely right... (certainly, it's not possible to know, or remember everything)
    Develop your internet search [engine] skills... everything you need is in there, and only obtain a hardcopy of information you are using for that particular moment.

    Your mind will soon develop a " Table of contents " of your mental library, to know where to look for information you need.

    Bertus says it well... you will see his signature sooner or later... take it to heart :D
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    Dec 8, 2012
    "Do I need to learn stuff by myself?"

    Hell yes, that starts at birth.....then it gets better.;)
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    Aug 10, 2013
    Thank you, tshuck, PackratKing and Metalmann for your help, much appreciated.

    Since to it's holiday for me here, and after your advice I think I'll start watching them videos in the videos section. Just to strengthen my basics and maybe I'll gain even more and more. Thanks a lot everyone :). Maybe that should make till the semester starts :D! Thanks again everyone :) :*
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    Feb 28, 2009
    A key feature of real success is to ENJOY what you do.
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