Identifying contact/connector from antique car turn signal

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I'm rebuilding the inards of an old turn signal and need to buy or make some replacement connectors. Is there a name for the contact shown in these photos (so I can search for a vendor)? The inside is a flat surface and the outside is a ring connector that the wire is soldered to.




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I have my doubts you'll find them. They look like they are molded into housing, and were probably made just for that switch. Why are you wanting to replacing them?


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It's inside this
I'd like to make a replacement because the contacts eroded from wear against a mechanical part. They're also fairly rare so I'm interested in making a replica to sell.

Did you see the paragraph under the photo in the link?
Especially the last sentence - " We also offer a remanufacturing service for this switch and can bring your unit back to perfect operating condition, especially since we have stocked new internals and replacement spares for the last 25 years."