Identify Aerogarden 100643 component

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Hello everyone, I would appreciate your help on identifying the part below from an Aerogarden 100643 and its function.


My aerogarden lost all power supply suddenly, my uncle is helping me repairing it and has tested many components and they seem to be working well. However the following part, he does not know what it is or its function, and it seems it does not have or allow power supply continuity on it.

Picture of the aerogarden model below for reference.

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It looks like a magnetic reed switch. It is designated SW5, which supports this. Try measuring the continuity between the ends and hold a magnet close to it, it should close the circuit. Is it in a moving part, does it come in proximity of a magnet in operation?


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Picture a switch, the contact are open or closed.
Your switch is operated by a magnet, depending how close the magnet is to the switch.
The magnet north and south make a difference too.
Experiment without power applied.
Good luck..

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Thank you both. Very good explanations. We tested it without power using a magnet and indeed it gave continuity when tested.

The Aerogarden is an hydroponic system to grow vegetables. Later on, thanks to you info I found out that the container have a float with a magnet on it, so when the water is low, it activates the magnetic reed switch and the board screen notify you that you need to add water. Pictures below from another Aerogarden model for reference:1612389644339.jpeg


So it seems this component is not related to the Aerogarden not turning on. I will ask on the Technical Repair section in case we need additional help.

Thank you.