Identify a circuit board


Joined Oct 7, 2019
lamp driver board.
There is text on the bottom side the board that I cannot read.

Starting at the top right side, there is an 8 channel buffer (2803?), then 8 opto isolators.
Next there should be 8 transistors/MOSFETs/Triacs.
Next, capacitor/fuse/overvoltage protection/RC snubber.
I see a LED with a diode.
I think the circuit switches AC voltages. The diode-LED and the snubbers make me think AC.
I cannot tell if it is 24Vac or 110vac. There are parts missing. Bottom edge of board, the black thing, what is the part number? That will tell us the voltage? Also, the capacitor should have a voltage rating.

There is a 4 pin object in the center of the board x8 times. I think it is a connector, but I might be a full wave bridge.