IDCD71C Treadmill controller board fault

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I have a treadmill Kettler Pacer with a bad controller board.
The board is an IDCD71C made by endex.

When I apply power to the treadmill the screen will turn on and after 20 seconds I get a faultcode dc6.
After searching I found out this translates to dc bus fault.

The IGBT, discharge diode, bridgerectifiers (big and small) all test fine.
When powered on the left green led is blinking steady and the right green led is constant but dim.
When I measure the input and output voltage of the 7815 I get nothing.
By removing the 7815 I can measure an input voltage about 30V
After disconnecting the output leg of the 7815 I can measure the 15V.
I've taken out the a3020 that drives the IGBT and I still get no voltage out of the 7815.
When applying 15V directly to the pcb it does not draw any current.

Also when measuring the HPL117-33G I get an output voltage around 2.9V-3V.
The input voltage for this regulator should be min. 4.6V and I get 4.06V.
This does not change when taking the regulator out of circuit.

Removing the 7815 does not affect the 3.3V regulator.

I think there is a short somewhere on the 15V rail and/or on the 3.3V rail.
However when I measure for short between gnd and output of the voltage regulators I only get some value in kOhm or Mohm.

Becaus I don't have any schematics for this board I'm stuck and don't know what I should test.
I would be very grateful if someone could point me in the right direction or has the schematics.
I've added a photo of the controller board.