i want to build a little timelapse camera.

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hi guys
I wanna build a camera to see my plants near windows growing.

I have a Phone camera from an old broken android phone. Cam works . I want to plug it into some electronic stuff and hopefully make a timelapse cam out of it. The logic behind is simple . The cam will take pics in at specified times then shuts itself down to battery-save. I also want it to be able to work with solar power . What do i need?
Where can i assembly the camera. do i need a motherboard for it ? Micro SD card would be good for pics.

This 1v solar cell is weak but i can think of buying one if the idea is possible.

2020-05-07 18_43_37-Window.jpg

this is the cam i have. its 5MP fair cam if i'll succeed to get it plugged .
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To do this you need to somehow access the record and stop functions of your camera, then it would be a fairly simple to design a circuit to operate these at desired timings.

But consider this, those time-lapse videos on TV are normally shot under constant lighting conditions, otherwise your time-lapse video will suffer from changing light levels (possibly pitch black during the night-time hours).