I need to take RPM data from a 2 wire magnetic speed sensor.

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I need to take RPM data from a 2 wire magnetic speed sensor with a S. Himmelstein and Company 700 series signal conditioner. I am struggling on finding the pin-out on what to pin the two wires to from the speed sensor to the DB9 on the signal conditioner. I have attached the pin-out to the signal conditioner.



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According to the units site, it can be configured different ways, obviously the manual is required to obtain any further info.


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"Selecting from 7 available input cards, these instruments can be configured to interface with torque transducers (rotary transformer and slip ring), load cells, pulse output speed pickups and flow meters, voltage output transducers, current output devices, LVDT's, rotary and linear encoders, etc. Check the desired boxes below for channel 1 and channel 2 to configure the appropriate instrument".

You may want to START HERE.

I assume your CH 1 and CH 2 input cards are #702 (Single Channel) or #722 (Two Channel) frequency conditioners. You also make no mention of what signal you are working with from the speed pickup, two wire magnetic can be any number of signals. The sensor determines your input threshold settings. That still assumes frequency conditioner input card(s). Have you read the USER'S GUIDE?