i need a pcb circuit of super sensitive intruder alarm


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hi yash,
Welcome to AAC.
I do not expect any member will create a PCB for the project.
Have you tried creating the PCB artwork.?


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I can put it together on a proto board and send it to you, but I think that you'll find my prices are unreasonably high

Have you thought of using a bit of fishing wire and a bell? (As that is pretty much what that circuit is)

Back at uni I connected a motion sensor to the PCB of a wireless doorbell and that worked fairly well. (just for fun)

That might be a really quick way to monitor an area

I have also connected a reed switch to a wireless doorbell's button so that I can hear if anyone opens the front gate of my property from my studio (so that I don't miss deliveries)


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That is not the best of circuits. If you adjust it so it doesn't go off every time the sun comes out, it probably will not go off at all.


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  • that thing drains your battery ??? 5V battery ??? quite fast
  • the transmitter iR life-time gets quickly to it's half life even with a good heat sink
  • the schematic is mostly a "will do" for "quick assembly" (if the assembly -- combination of component "tolerances" -- appears to be successful)
  • the schematic is dependent on the battery voltage or it's state of charge . . . there is no low battery shutdown -- the last is required because of the LM358 has it's (optimistic) minimum supply about 4V and the 555 about . . . 2.6V . . . but approaching their lowest operational voltage limits the working parameters for the both chips change dramatically . . . parameters , such as , input sensitivity , misc. threshold voltages output voltage range ...
  • ... also your iR TX gets dimmer/lighter along the battery state of charge change
  • .
  • suggestion = use low voltage alternatives for Op amp and for the 555 . . . but there is also a lot of more here to pay your attention to

for starting you could tell where.. (an environment) ..this circuit is supposed to be operating , for how long , before the alarm is triggered and for how long the alarm should ring

it may be , that you want to add a supercapacitor --or-- a separate battery -- for the alarm to be capable of ringing for required time

etc. ...