I need a guidance for designing PIC16F877A based development board

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hey there, i need a schematic for designing development board PCB for PIC16f877a using following stuff in circuit.
-PIC controller -atmega8a burner
-9 leds
-9 push buttons
-motor driver L293D
-2 small buzzer
-2 seven segment
-2ADC pin
-1main circuit switch on off circuit
-1 AC jack
-+9v dc
-1LED FOR CIRCUIT on off status indication
-1 7805 Voltage regulator
- USB connector with driver
-as comfortable male female pins
somebody help me with schematic ,rest all i can .Is there some open HARDWARE project out with more or less similar things


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There are several Picmicro development boards on their site complete with schematics and even code, that a new board could be based on..
From general purpose to such as motor-mechatronics dedicated.
Picdem-2 plus (2 versions) G.P.
Picdem MC LV
Picdem MC
Picdem Mechatronics etc.
For a few.