I am trying to design a 18W Quick Charge 3.0 compatible Powerbank and have few questions

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Hey all,

I want to build a 18W QC3.0 compatible powerbank, while there are already many options available in the market I want to take up this project as it will help learn something new...
There aren't many reference designs online(available for QC3.0 for wall chargers but not for powerbanks).

The powerbank should have 2 x USB Type A ports that are QC3.0 compatible to charge other devices and a micro usb port to charge itself.

What would be the major components required?
1)Battery Gauges(bms)
2)Battery Charge Controller
3)QC3.0 compatible USB Type A controllers
4) A 8-bit MCU to read the SOC information from gauge and display it to a numerical lcd
5) Numerical LCD

I am looking at Ti product offerings for the charge controllers and battery gauges but I am not able to find any QC3.0 compatible controllers. Would be great if I can get some recommendations. The ones I have found only support QC3.0 on a USB Type C. I did some research and came across the Injoinic IP5310/18 but unfortunately all documentation for the is in Chinese.

Since the Battery Gauges will be providing OC,OV,UVLO,OT protections, can I pick a usb controller and the charge controller without the protection features?

What else should consider?