I am not understanding this IPS inverter circuit

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    Jun 9, 2015
    Hellow. I am here to learn something from you. I asked a technician about it but may be he is not as good as explaining this. It's an Inverter circuit diagram of 600VA IPS. There were two distinct circuit. One is for controlling unit and other is inverter/rectifier/conversion unit. Ok, now I assume that pin 2 & 3 are the complement driving clock pulse. Now, technician said that This circuit is intended for both rectifying and inverting purpose for charging battery (about @10 Amp rate) and driving transformer to produce AC 220V respectively. I don't understand how rectification happens as MOSFETs are used.
    What could be the function of 1N5408 Diodes and BC547 transistor.
    This diagram might seem bit confusing. I prepared this circuit diagram using ISIS 7 Pro by redrawing from that completely build inverter. The transistors Q3 and it's helping components are identical (assuming identical as components were so) for both clock or drive input channel. D3 is actually string of of 5 1N4148 diodes. Actual NO of MOSFETs are 8. 4 parallel MOSFETs each side.

    Thank you for reading this thread. I am waiting for your reply.