Huge spikes at output voltage

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Tahsina Hossain

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Hi there everyone,

I have developed a single phase full bridge inverter but at the output I am observing huge spikes, what confuses me most is that: I have spike across one node to ground but not on the other.

I have always got constructive and useful feedback from this forum, please help me this time as well.

I am using bipolar spwm from msp430 to generate the control pulses.20150303_145834.jpg


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It looks like 4 gate drivers running 4 IGBTs but the gates are drawn differently. Does that mean this is not a matched set of 4?


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Looks very much like classic overvoltage spikes due to parasitic stray inductances in the commutation path.
You can reduce switching speed (defined by gate-resistance) which might unfortunately increase switching losses. And you should take care about a low-inductive circuit design on your PCB.

Here is a nice animation (Java-applet) which shows what might be going on:
(works only if Java-applets are allowed by the browser)