HP 8016A Word Generator -- fuzzy on the 9th strobe output operation

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    Nov 24, 2007
    Hi everyone,

    I have a perfectly working HP 8016A Word Generator -- however I am fuzzy on the 9th strobe output operation?

    I do have the basic manual which barely explains that in a 8x32 mode the strobe acts like a 9th bit which is supposed to be controlled separately yet I can't get it to load no matter how I approach the loading piece.

    Has anyone used the HP 8016A and specifically the strobe in parallel mode as a 9th channel? If yes how to you load a value into the strobe since there isn't a 9th push button (there are 8 push buttons for the regular channels)?

    This is what the beast looks like:


    The manual I have is here:

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