How to upgrade samson go mic's capsule to 25 mmmm

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Hey. I have a usb samson go mic based upon cmedia cm6533, has a 10 mm electret mic capsule. How can I upgrade it with a 25 mm diaphragm capsule, that I just bought. ( First mic project).
Alternatively, has anyone got a simple yet efficient ( low noise, great frequency response, easily available parts) schematic for a usb powered 25 mm diphragm microphone.
Looking forward to make a big thing come out of a small package.
Application: home studio recording. Thx

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There have been some recent threads about those large diaphragm condenser or electret mics on a few electronic chat forums from students seeing videos about them on You Tube videos.
The cost of the mic capsule without a Jfet impedance converter or preamp is so cheap that it must be a factory reject.