How to trigger triac gate with optocoupler


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You will notice that in both this thread and your previous thread that we think the MOC3043 is a much better couple for your purpose than the PC817. Turning on traics handling any real power well is a little more complicated than you seem to imagine and the MOC3043 give you a solution with all the hard work (extra circuitry) already inside.


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If you put a current that is greater than the trigger current into the gate (in either direction*) the triac will turn on and AC current can flow between MT2 and MT1.
The triac will turn off when the current between MT2 and MT1 falls below the holding current or when the trigger current is removed.
That's all there is to it.

It looks very much like an AC version of a transistor with MT1=emitter, MT2=collector and gate=base

*trigger current may be different values for positive and negative, and some triacs will only trigger with negative voltage on the gate.
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