How to stop battery from charging automatically when full

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My question is regarding charging a battery and ceasing the charge once the battery is full.

I am using rechargeable Li-Ion batteries in my device that will be rechargeable via an adapter that is plugged into wall outlet, then a cord will be plugged into my device which will be capable of charging the batteries I have inside.

My question is is there anyway to integrate a system into my circuit which is able to detect when the battery has been recharged and then it stops recharging. I want to prolong the battery life for as much as possible and I read that overcharging decreases overall battery capacity and life. Please let me know if you need any further explanation and thank you in advance for responding.

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Agreed. Don't bother trying to implement your own charge strategy, like you might have gotten away with for lead-acid or NiCad batteries. A dedicated IC for the purpose is cheap, safe and effective.