How to simulate the oscillating circuit using Quartz Crystal in Proteus ?

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Ngô Đình Nhân

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Hi everyone

Now I am working with oscillating circuit as following image:

My professor asked me simulate it on proteus, so I have tried to build model and run simulation it on proteus.
Image 24.png

However, the simulation result is not correct as I expected. And I think the model of Quartz Crystal is incorrect, but I can not find any other model for it in Proteus.

So I tried to make a equipvalent circuit of Quart but this simulation was still not working correctly,
Image 25.png

So, could anyone have experience about simulating Quartz crystal oscillating in Proteus ? Please help me !

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The circuit shows two 74HC04.
Your simulation shows only one.
Is there a reason your simulation does not match the circuit?

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Ngô Đình Nhân

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I think one is enough because you can invert your signal if you want.
However, my problem is at Quartz Crystal model ? so could anyone have any ideas ?


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The schematics shows a 74HC04, while your simulation shows 7404, which is not the same.
These are two different logic families and perhaps this is the problem.

The other difference is the 680 ohm resistor. You are using a 600 ohm.