How to select cutoff frequency of LPF

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Hi everyone,

I am new to this and I try to design a mixed signaling circuit and I need to find the desired cutoff frequency in order to design the LPF.

I have a buck converter as shown below. This particular convert has two outputs (see Vout and Load pins). I will split the LOAD pin into AVdd and DVdd and will a LPF at each leg.
On Vout I will connect my MCU (nRF52840) and the IMU (BMX160)
On AVdd I will connect an opAmp, Voltage Reference and a Multiplexer
On DVdd I will connect a flash memory (MX25R6435F)

Any advice of how could I find the cutoff frequency for each of the LPF? Should I take into consideration the components that are connected on Vout (MCU and IMU)?

Converter's datasheet

My design