How to reuse an old lcd from a tablet

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First of all, I'm not a native english speaker, so I'm sorry if I type something wrong or it is hard to read but I'll try my best.

So I had an old Samsung Tab 4 that's been on the shelf for around 4-5 years easily, so after seeing a few videos of people reusing old laptop screens I decided to try to make the tablet more useful by getting the lcd out of the tablet, getting a controller for it, and just testing and trying to work on it. My problem starts when I see the supposed code for the lcd and two codes appear. One was: LJ96-05875J and the other was LTL101AL06-104(I attached a photo of the back of the screen just to be sure).

When I searched both codes on the internet, both of them appeared as LCDs and now I'm a little lost because I don't really know which one should be the code, or even if I can use this lcd as it is a tablet screen (which doesn't really make sense, but hey I'm new with this so...) So I was wondering if anyone could help me and send me on the right path. Thanks for reading and sorry for any possible mistake :D



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I know there is always a feeling of accomplishment to be able to reuse and repurpose old computer equipment.
But consider what you are up against.

1) You have to find the right part number of the LCD.
2) You need to find documentation of the LCD.
3) Or at least find the right controller that drives the LCD.
4) Then you need to find documentation for the controller.
5) You need to interface the controller to a microcontroller.
6) You need to write software to drive the controller.

Meanwhile, you can buy a tablet for under US$100 ($50 for 7" Android 11 tablet).
It comes with working OS and internet capability.
You can get software development suite online at no cost.
You can repurpose the table for whatever needs you have by writing your own app.
And you still have a fully functional table.

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Received this TigerDirect ad and thought of your query.
You can probably find similar offers in your area.


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I think the best approach is to find a way to use the tablet as-is. Fill a uSD card with music and use it as a jukebox. Or use it as a remote interface for a headless music server, home automation system, or something. If it supports USB OTG, you'll be able to plug in various kinds of USB hardware. Possibly even an SDR radio tuner.