How to recover corrupted database file

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  1. oliwialosha

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    Oct 4, 2015
    I run MSDE on a Windows XP Server and i found that my database was marked as "suspect" by Enterprise Manager and its icon become gray.
    I detach that database and try to re-attach it but there is an error as the following:

    Error 3624:
    Location : page.cpp:2801
    Expression: rowLength >= offset + deleteLenght
    SPID : 56
    Precess ID:1612

    After that, I uninstall the MSDE and re-install new MSDE SP4 and try to re-attach the database file again and there is still an error. I also encounter the same error with MS SQL 2000 Server
    Remark: I have all the database file (database.mdf and database.ldf).

    Is there anyway i can recover the data from that database?
  2. AdamHenriksen

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    Aug 4, 2016
    Corruption in SQL server database can happen due to any uncertain like virus attack, power failure, hardware issue, OS malfunction, and sudden system shutdown, so on. When a SQL server data file (.mdf) is corrupt then DBAs can try several methods to repair and recover data from it.

    • Run DBCC CHECKDB: It checks & reports all the error message in error log, if there is any problem with the database. Try to analyze & understand the error message logged in the error log. Re-run DBCC CHECKDB with the recommended minimum repair option to repair the file.