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Hi, I have been criticized before for starting a new thread(topic) when there is an old thread on my subject. How do I post to the thread I started "voltage at triac no gate signal".
I don't want to be criticized again but what can you do if you don't know how to do this?


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You may start a new thread with a reference to the old one.
Adding the link to the old one will provide the info you are refering to.



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If you were not the TS (thread starter) of the thread then start a new thread and make a reference to the old thread.

If you were the TS then ask yourself if the thread discussion has reached an acceptable conclusion. If it has then start a new thread and make a reference to the old thread.

If you wish to continue with the discussion then go ahead.


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I doubt you were chided for starting a new thread rather than adding to an existing thread here because generally this site prefers fresh new threads since they attract more attention and you'll get help more quickly. As has been mentioned, you can reference any older thread by just copying the URL from your browser's URL (address) window and paste it into your post.

If you have some need to post to an old thread, you can search for the topic you are interested in by clicking on the magnifying glass symbol near the top of each page and typing your search terms into the search box that appears a little below the magnifying glass, then just go to the end of the thread and start typing. Again, starting a new thread is preferred here.


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The thread belongs the TS (thread starter).

If you are asking for follow up information, for example, "did you get this working?" or stating "I have the same issue" then start a new thread and reference the old thread.

If you have new information to add to the thread then this falls into a gray area. In most cases, your post will be deleted by a moderator particularly if it is a very old thread and/or the TS has been absent for awhile.

If you are the TS then go ahead and post to the thread. Moderators will decide if a new thread is warranted.


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Are some threads special that allow necro-posting? Are they marked/labelled somehow? Don't get me wrong, I'm all for necroposts. I just think it's kind of weird how some threads get locked and the necropost gets thrown into a new thread while others, like this one, are allowed to rise like the Phoenix. Please let me know if their is a label/icon I should look for on these old threads that makes them fair game for necro-posting.

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