How to post multiple pictures in a post?

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Two problems about posting:
1) How to post multiple images within a post? When I click on 'Upload a File' then I just see a button of Choose just an Image. But some members are posting many images within a post.

2) How to place these images within text area (like in books). I mean I saw some images uploaded in the middle of the post (instead of just bottom of the post).

Maybe it would be easy but I am depended to cellphone GPRS for internet and I use OperaMini to surf internet. However you can tell me how you do these in your desktop?


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You can use the Upload a File button more than one time.
You are allowed to attach 10 files.
These can be pictures , PDF's or program files like .asc.
To have pictures in the post, you can place the cursor where you want your picture to be shown
and click Full Image next to the attachments list below the edit window.