How to make a control circuit for a DC 24V/150W motor for speed variation and direction reversal

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Hey everyone!

I'm seeking some guidance on creating a control circuit for a 24V/150W motor with speed variation and direction reversal capabilities. I've done some research and have a basic understanding of the components involved, but I could really use some expert advice to ensure I'm on the right track.

Here's what I have gathered so far:

  1. Motor Specifications: I have a 24V/150W brushed DC motor that I need to control.
  2. Motor Driver Does anyone have any recommendations for motor drivers that can handle 150W power and operate at 24V?
  3. Power Supply
  4. Wiring and Connections: I plan to connect the motor driver to the motor and power supply, but I want to make sure I wire everything correctly. If anyone has experience with wiring high-power motors, I would greatly appreciate some guidance on the proper connections and pin configurations.
  5. Speed Control: My motor I suppose supports speed variation, and I've learned that using pulse-width modulation (PWM) can help achieve this. How can I incorporate PWM to control the motor's speed effectively? Any insights or suggestions on the PWM signal source and adjusting the duty cycle would be extremely helpful.
  6. Direction Reversal: To change the motor's direction, I understand that I need separate control inputs for forward and reverse. If anyone has experience with direction control for high-power motors, could you please share how I can wire and control the direction reversal effectively?
I'm eager to learn from your experiences and insights on creating a control circuit for a 24V/150W motor with speed variation and direction reversal. If you have any resources, tutorials, or personal advice to share, please do! Thank you in advance for your help.


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~150-Watts is a very vague description, much more information is required.

What is the "Locked-Rotor-Amps", and the "No-Load-Amps" ?

How much Inertia ( weight ) is this Motor expected to swing around ?

Does this Motor have a Gear-Box attached ?, ( description and Gear-Ratio ).

What will control the Speed ( Torque ) and Direction of the Motor ?

Is precise RPM-Control required ?

Overall purpose of this project ?

These things, and possibly more, will determine the ideal approach to designing a Motor-Controller.