How to learn pcb designing

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Arularasu Rajendran

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Hi ,I am self learner and I want to learn pcb designing completely from basics so kindly suggest me some learning sites,links ,videos and best professional pcb designing software .


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First, research software options like Eagle, KiCAD etc. They have free versions to start with.
Pick one and read the tutorials.
Start with a simple circuit and go through the entire process - making library components, schematic capture, board layout, design rule checking, Gerber generation etc.
Get the free version of GCpreview and see what the Gerbers look like.
Send your design to Free DFM and get a report.

Many members here have extensive PCB design experience. If you post your layout, you'll get lots of good advice.
Look at the bottom of this thread for Similar Threads to read. Search on PCB topics to get even more.
Look at as many existing PCBs or pictures of PCBs as you can. How did the layout guy arrive at those layouts? Things like traces going vertical on the top layer and horizontal on the bottom layer are basic as are the vias that connect them.

Once you are comfortable with the layout-to-manufacture process, you can work on design skills - how to route power busses, what trace thickness to use for various things, common trouble spots. Again, lots of help here. There is lots of stuff on the web too. There used to be some decent texts on PCB layout that you might find in the public domain.

PCB layout is a learned skill that combines electrical knowledge with mechanical skills and a degree of creative artistic thinking. They don't call the result 'artwork' for nothing...

Start small, the first one is the hardest.

Good luck!