How to generate large linear force using Solenoid

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Hi everyon,
Do you know any menchanism to generate large linear force using 24V Solenoid . I try to look up in the google, someone recommend to use air gun . You have any idea about this topic ,please give me some advices, thank all.


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If you can insert a pressure transducer between the solenoid and the load you can probably close the loop, making the force proportional to an input voltage.


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Over what linear distance does this large force have to move something?
How large is 'large'?
What is the duration of the force?
What is the current rating of the 24V power supply?


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Generally speaking, solenoids don't give you a ton of force. Can you add more specifics? Have you compared to Linear Actuators? These are all over the map in terms of power, speed and price. The cheap ones can be as low as $10, and the expensive ones can give you literally tons of force, so many many options.


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RE:"" solenoids don't give you a ton of force "" Disagree, if the magnetic circuit is CLOSED, then force is rougly equal to 10 kg per cm2 for cross section. Say, magnet of 60 cm diameter have about 2800 kg carrying capacity. Seeing its even larger than tonn.

But about the engineering task - even if to divide this force to mju equal to 4400 at case of ideally non-closed non existing core, the force will be sharply dependant on deapth of immersion till the centerpoint of bobbin. Therefore, one way is to take the veeeeery long coil. The other and by me more clever way is to divide the magnetic core into two combs (like transformer cores do with the steel platelets), but into way they can easy slide one to each another (oil, grease, small balls, teflon etc etc) Because then in no respect how much are core outward or inward, the HALF of core cross section still will be in the contact to antipode part of core.


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Technically, F=B^2*A/(2μ0).
Whilst n*I=B(hcore/μ0μrel+hair/μ0) - in the case of mild steel it will look like
or F=B^2*A/2μμ0=1000 kPa=10 kg/cm2 .
But in the case of two contrapete rods with air gap 1712845225322.png1712845225322.png


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Really, Delivering a lot of force in a linear manner, which I am guessing means a straight line and a fairly constant force, is quite simple. The solenoid is in an air valve and the valve applies air pressure to a pneumatic cylinder. I have done that in quite a few machines and it works well.
AND, relative to the "Air Gun" approach, I did once create an "Electro-pneumatic Spear Chucker" thhat would kill a wild pig disrupting a garden belonging to a friend. It was a horribly deadly device, shot a spear thru the wild pig from about 5 feet away. It used 120 PSI air and a four foot barrel and a trip wire to operate the switch. Dismantled after the pest was dispatched. The spear used a bow-hunting arrowhead for a point. Really Nasty!!