How to fix Logitech G700 mouse with broken copper pads?

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Dave Chong Sheng Yuen

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Hi everyone,

I'm new to soldering & have very limited knowledge on these. Hope somebody can give me some advice.

I've got a Logitech G700 mouse with bad left/ mouse click switches and found a video on Youtube on how to replace them:

I ordered some new switches & tried repairing the mouse following the instructions, however while desoldering the 14 pins from the top PCB, many of the copper pads came off (maybe 8-10 of them came off). I've used a solder sucker instead of solder wick for desoldering. (This is referring to minute 6 of the instructional video on Youtube).

I've read up a little about jumper (e.g. scraping off the top layer of the PCB to reveal the traces, and linking directly to these).
However, there are about 8-10 copper pads missing in close proximity to each other, and with the white colored printing on the PCB below these pins, I'm not sure how to determine which hole goes to which trace.

Hoping that someone can share some views on what can I do to repair these damages.

Thanks in advance!!


I don't want to discourage you, but fixing that (if possible) would be pretty hard even for an experienced technician. And I see you're new to soldering, which worsen the situation. You probably applied too much heat to the pads, and with the desoldering pump friction/impact, you broke them. So you can see it's a very delicate job. Once that happened to me, and I rebuilt the connections with fine copper wires. But yours look more difficult. That's my opinion. Maybe another person with more experience could give you a better advice. I would consider buying another one.


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I would consider buying another one.

Before you contemplate another repair, work on improving your soldering skills. Lifting pads with attached traces doesn't happen without the application of too much heat and/or friction.

Keep reminding yourself that the adhesive used to attach the copper releases with heat, so pads on single sided boards are particularly susceptible to abuse. I make it a point to suck solder from a joint in a direction that minimizes risk of lifting pads.

On plated through holes, it takes even more bad technique to lift pads.