How to find thi pcb component list?


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Could anyone tell me where to find the compnent list of this pcb?

Or, what value could have C1 and C18?
Thank You
Contact the manufacturer.
Most manufacturers today do not provide circuit schematics for various reasons.
Lobby for "the right to repair" in your country.

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Hi Mr. Chips,

Thank you for your kind suggestion. I actually thought about it, but, should I contact Midea?
Or this board is made by some other manufacturer? This is a fridge control board. And the name
of the manufacturer of the fridge is General Lux.

I also have no idea of any Midea contact number or email. The General Lux Ppl here in Bolivia,
Where i am at the moment, are kind of useless. They only propose to replace the board
for expensive amount. I found a part in aliexpress for +/- 50$, but still would like to try
to fix that one.

Would you have any suggestion abt the capacitors value, or if anyone could give me a hint, i'd
be grateful.