How to find Co of Voltage Multiplier and issue current on output

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Assa Kesthy Rohana

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I would to make a voltage multiplier circuit with input 2,5 V and unknown current input. And I want to make Vout = 20 V and Iout = 100 mA

I've got the calculation of capasitor based on

let us use 6 levels of circuit, so i've got
C5=3C1, C4=2C1, C3=2C1, C2=C1

so i set it using the value of capacitor are
C5 = 68 uF, C4 = C3 = 33 uF, C2 = C1 = 15uF

to find Co is use
C/Co >= n(level)^2/60

but i dont know what are the different of C and Co

would you help me to read that journal and find the calculation? I will not hesitate to send softcopy of that article via email

and if you know, how to issue the current of voltage multiplier output circuit? would you give me a schematic?

sorry if my english is bad. i hope someone want to help me. thank you