How to design PCB for GPS tracking device.

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Nayan Kagade

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Hi Guys,

I am working on GPS tracking device which will send coordinates (latitude & longitude) to server. My goal is to make waterproof GPS tracking device usign SIM7600E module.
Currently I am able to transfer lat long to server, but I tried using Arduino board & SIM7600E 4G/GSM/GPRS/GPS UART modem.
Now I want to make PCB in which following components can be connect.
1)4G module 7600E
2)Atmega328p (micro controller)
3)IC745HCT245N (TTL)
4)Crystal 16MHZ
5)Resister 6.8K
6)Antenna (GPS & GSM)

I don't have knowledge about PCB design, if anyone knows how I can make PCB please suggest.


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Depending on your priorities:

a) get it done

b) learn stuff

I would hire a freelancer from one of those online work sites, you can get it done quickly for a few bucks.
If you want to learn, download Eagle or other free PCB design program and watch youtube tutorials.


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Or just use your phone. There are lots of apps that will do this. Why go through the expense of hiring someone?

There are also stand alone GPS devices that can do the same thing. A number of them will communicate their position via satellite. No cell phone connection needed.