How to design a 'modular' product that can be used in various applications

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Hyunduk Shin

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I am a beginner level embedded system engineer in a small company.

My current product is to develop a controller (using ARM MCU) for our company's products (MEMS scanning mirror or micromirror).

The development will be done by outsourcing and I should give design specifications to the development company.

But I don't know what specifications are needed for the actuator controller development.

Main directions of making the controller for the actuator are,
1. Open-loop control of the actuator (MEMS scanning mirror),
2. 'Modular' design thereby being used for various applications.

First goal is straightforward so I can deal with it.

However, I don't know what should I need for the second goal.

What interface is needed for a 'modular' product to be integrated or synchronized with other system? Is it generating trigger signals?

Would you please tell me a standard and common design technique for the controller to communicate with other system? Is it using UART serial communication? Sync? Trigger?