How to derive operating ranges from component datasheets of Ideal Diode

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Was looking for a SoC ideal diode with minimal I/O & external components. But then I came across this open source design with low cost components and no BGAs. It looks easy enough to include into my Eagle schematic:

The data sheets for the P-Fet & matched double transistor IC were easy enough to find on Digikey. But what parameters do I need to look for in the datasheets to know if the circuit will work for voltage range of 4.5-6V, and at least 75mA? Normally had I found a SoC that does this, those operating ranges would be clearly stated in its datasheet.


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The reverse emitter-base voltage on the PNPs is 5V maximum, so the reverse voltage across the ideal diode should never be more than that.

The maximum forward current is determined by the MOSFET rating.

Here's a writeup and simulation of a similar circuit, if interested.
At the end it discusses how the circuit can be modified to tolerate more than 5V reverse voltage, if needed.