How to control 100 High Power COB LEDs?

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Hi there,

I am pretty new to electronics but really want build a system that can control 100 high power LEDs for a photography project. I need to be able to programme them to turn on / flash individually and also in rows.

I have been playing around with the TLC5940 16 channel LED Driver but am struggling to find a similar driver that has multiple channels, an I2C function and that can give each LED up to 700mA with 350mA nominal.

I was wondering if anyone knows of a relevant LED driver and if anyone has any pointers to set me off in the right direction with this project?

Any help would be very much appreciated!


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With that many individual LEDs, you are better off breaking the problem down into smaller bits. You can control 100 LEDs with a 10x10 matrix. Then, you specify row and column to turn on one LED. And you turn on each LED quickly so it looks like you’re setting them all at once.