How to connect pads to split plane (internal plane) in Altium CircuitMaker

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My problem:
I use Altium CircuitMaker (Version 2.1). I am designing four layers PCB. Two signal layers (top and bottom), and two internal layers (GND and PWR).
I do not connect anything (not any pads or vias) to PWR layer, but I want to connect all grounding (36) pads to GND layer.
I set up correctly my schematic, assigned the net label named “GND” where I needed. I validated the project, no any errors were found. I updated PCB document, with no any problem. Then in PCB Design Rules I assigned the thermal relief pads, and clearances on my plane layer, specified expansion, air-gap and conductor width of a thermal relief pads. And I assigned the net name to my internal plane layer (GND layer). I run Design Rule Check and get “Un-Routed Net Constraint: Net GND Between Pad OUT-1(17mm,35mm) on Multi-Layer And Pad OUT-2(19.5mm,35mm) on Multi-Layer”. This is for my all grounding pads. I expected to see those nice pad connections with those air gaps, expansion, and spokes. But I do not see them. I only see the error that pads are not connected.
I have tried to find solution for long time, and nothing helps. I red a lot of documentation. Actually, I experienced with it, removed other grounding pins on schematic and finally left only two. And… it started works. I connected the rest pins and it worked! Unfortunately, after login again next day, everything disappeared. I repeated it again, and it was OK again, and then disappeared again! Recently I am not able to return to it, even with two pads only. I do not have any idea what may be wrong. I had different troubles with CircuitMaker, but finally I found logic solution. Now I cannot see any logical rules that I missed to have it worked.
Because I have such a problem, I suppose somebody else could also faced it. Is there anyone who could help??