How to connect mp3 as input to lm386 amplifier?

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Rudy Melo

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Hello everyone, I made an lm386 audio amplifier circuit (with switch for added bass boost setting) and I am wondering how I plug in an mp3 player/phone as an input. For now I've been using an electret microphone and it works fine but I get some feedback and I want to play songs instead. Do I use a 3.5mm mono cable (I think I've figured that a stereo cable won't apply from what I've read) and female mono jack? what would be a good website/source for buying these parts? Also, for a homemade portable mp3 player/boombox, what would be possibly a better amplifier? Thank you in advance for your responses


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Buying parts? What country are you in?
Mouser, Jameco, Digikey...Google is your friend.
There are several high power audio chips. What do you call, "better".
Something that runs on (4) D cells? Something that needs a small Car battery?