How to connect headphone wire to 3.5 TRS jack?

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I have a somictone headphone and I want to repair its headphone jack, It contains five colored wires. Here are the wire and TRS jack. Please tell me how to connect this.

Can you please tell me how to wire this? I really appreciate your help.



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It appears that you have a non-standard TRS configuration because TRS should only have 3 wires.

Your best bet is to determine what the jack expects and wire accordingly.


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If you have the original plug with some wires on it then you can use an ohm meter to find which wire went where. If you do not have it then you will need to use the meter to discover the connections. Since you have five wires it is a bit strange. Is there a volume control in the cord? Or some other kind of control? Or a microphone like for a cell phone application? I am not at all familiar with that model of earphone, but it must be different from what is shown in post #2. So please describe the whole assembly, and let us know what else is present.