How to connect a camera to esp-32 - #2

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Joining this thread as I have the same interest. I'm designing an ESP32-based device, since 18650 battery to power it, solar panel to keep it charged, that measures distance (ultrasonic), temperature, snaps a photo and uploads it to a web gallery every 15 minutes (or every hour, haven't decided on frequency yet.)

Just dipped my toe into PCBWay on a previous project and want to get savvy with this project. I'd rather start with a bare ESP32 and add only the addition modules/circuits required.

Specifically regarding adding just the camera, we'll want to add an image-processing IC such as the ubiquitous OV2640 It's been discontinued since 2009, but they're cheap and plentiful if low-res, low-quality images are sufficient. This page lists newer/currently supported/higher quality ICs.

From there, I'm pretty sure it's just a process of selecting the image IC that works for your application, studying the data sheet and adding the components necessary to interface it to the ESP32.

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