How to connect 5.1 analog audio to Sony MHC GN88D

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I want to connect 5.1 audio to sony gn88d from my pc.But sony gn88d does not have 5.1 channel aux input.On its main board,There is an FPC connector named FR,FL,SL,SR,C,SW etc.

I connected phone audio there.Audio is not clear and broken audio. In schematics PCM1609KPTR (Digital to analog converter ic)> circuit ( filter or something)>M61530FP-D60G(surround volume control).
pcm.jpgIMG_20240406_165207.jpg_storage_emulated_0_Android_data_com.adobe.reader_files_Pictures_Adobe Acrobat Exports_hcdgn88...jpg

When I connect mobile output audio to the circuit(filter ?) before the surround volume controller ic, now the audio is clear. but 90% volume is decrease.

Any solution?


Is it possible to convert the phone audio signal with the same characteristics coming from the PCM1609 ic?

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What is not stated is what format the 5.1 audios in. Is it digital or analog? Is it five analog lines?? What is producing that signal from the computer???
Also, I am not familiar with a "Sony gn88d" at all. I see multiple large schematics that I can't read, and I am not sure what they would tell me. And what sort of input connector would be available for a 5.1 surround sound audio connection??My TV has a fiber-optic output for those signals. Does your audio device have a fiber optic input??

Really, you have not provided enough information for anybody to understand what is requested. It is perfectly clear to you, maybe, but I am not able to read minds, especially at a distance.