How RL-Transient works in AC circuit please tell me with picture

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you want a single picture of some unidentified formula of whatever
how do you expect busy people to understand how to help. This question came from chapter 4.3 it has some thing to do with RL transient
You want to solve for i and you can choose top equation that will simplify things. Then you list the values. Vmax = ? Z=? and so on
Please write the complete example or textbook question. Then I think someone might be familiar there are a lot of RL formulas.
I am not sure so I will pass. I will make it larger to see better. Maybe this is Maxwell in any case the definitions for this equation is a start without all the declarations it is a math mensa puzzle. Very sorry you are depressed.RL transient.JPG
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i depressed for 2 weeks to looking for answer .. all transient rl circuit on web are mostly DC .
and how transient current formula is = i(t) +i(s)

please explain this to me
As this is in the general section, not the home work section,
Well take a practical approach

so how did you get the equation ?
I'm assuming you have derived it from a real circuit, can you post schematic
what is your signal source ? can you post picture and description please

Lastly, what is the practical reason you want to know this,
just power up and measure,

If this is a home work question though,
please post it in the correct forum