How many turn is IN the ox fan 26mm?


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what is an "ox fan 26mm"?
I know that there is a Nigerian company called Ox that markets domestic fans. If your question is about their products, you should be asking them, but I doubt whether they would divulge their design details to you. The alternative is to take one apart and count the number of turns on each motor pole and measure the wire diameter.


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I would have said "One" also. But that's because my mother used to make Crapes so thin that they only had one side. You didn't dare turn it over. If you did - it was gone!

OK, back on topic - - - "How many turn is IN the ox fan 26mm?" Answer: "None of us are going to know that answer."


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I am wondering about the question, and what the TS is actually wanting to know, as the TS claims to be an electrical engineer. Is it the turns of wire in the motor windings, or is it the motor RPM? Or something else?