How many hours of TV do you watch?


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Being an aviation buff, anything about flying machines on Discovery Channel gets my attention, and National Geographic Channel airs some very informative programs, with typically spectacular footage.

I can't remember when last I watched a movie of any description though. The number of hours I watch the boob tube varies from none for weeks on end, to an hour or two a day.

Interestingly, I read somewhere recently that TV watching can lead to life-shortening medical conditions, even for those who work out regularly, which I found odd.


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loosewire said:
@625, do you eat wild bugs,do you have the formula of the outdoors.

No, I am a typical student who has to spent most of the time in front computers and books.

DerStrom8 said:
It's really too bad that just about everything Bear does is fake.
Yes it may be as I know their is a camera man with him all the time and also a safety crew near by, but watching it is fun like watching movies...

In Discovery channel many other shows like Man vs wild are started but they can't beat Bear's show.


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I really fancied Discovery channel when it started. 24/7 documentaries, what else could I want.
Unfortunately, lately it has degraded to pompous, exaggerated, fake montages of just about everything with a narrator in agony.
Only mythbusters retain my interest for 8 consecutive years.

Oh, Jamie, one day I will run M5...


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Just before the Switch To Digital, I checked my TV watching time for a month. It averaged out to something like 30 seconds per day. One of the reasons I never got a converter.



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I have a TV set, with no plug nor antenna. I did not watch any TV in the last three years.

I play with electronics and read a LOT when far from home.