How do you tell a capacitor is low ESR?

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I have a datasheet that calls for a 10uf low ESR cap. How do you tell a capacitor is low ESR? Other than measuring it that is. Is there a marking that denotes low ESR? Or is it the cap type? For example the datasheet recommends tantalum as one of the types to use.

What is considered a low ESR when measured?


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A low ESR capacitor will run cooler than a high ESR cap and as a result, will last longer. The chart above is out of date. Today's low ESR caps are down in the single digit milli-ohms.

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If a datasheet just says 'low ESR' without specifying a value, you are usually fine with any style of capacitor with a relatively low ESR. All this really means that you should avoid cheap unrated aluminum electrolytic capacitors, since their ESR is terribly high and can be several ohms.


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When buying caps stay with name brands and buy from a electronics company cause most parts on eBay are fakes and poorly constructed.. Don't get me wrong I have alot of parts from eBay that work great but just understand the risk involved .. Do a search on mouser for low esr caps..