Can anyone tell me what capacitor this is?

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Hi, I need help identifying a missing capacitor on the circuit board in my Corsa car key fob. This is a picture of the part I need. I've already purchased a new button case and switches but don't want to start the repair until I know which part I need. I don't know much at all about circuit boards so any help / advice will be greatly appreciated, thank you :)



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Since you don't know what component you need, and we won't be able to tell what the unmarked component is from the photo, and you "don't know much at all about circuit boards"...I would say dump it. :(



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The best you can do is either find someone else and measure it or see if you can find a schematic which are hard to come by..


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I'm confused. You have a picture of a capacitor on a board but it is missing? If you have a similar board and you have taken a picture of it, you can do a couple of things. We will call it homework. You can get a capacitance meter and measure the value of the known good one, and then go to your local electronics store and buy the one you need and solder it on :) The next thing if that fails, is to go online and learn how to identify SMD capacitors and then try to figure out the value of the one you have. Because we do not have the dimensions of the missing capacitor and there are no values marked on it, the forum is of no use to you at this point. As crutschow has said, how did it become missing?


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Dimension does not really tell you anything, it looks to be 0603 or 0805, which will put it anywhere between 1picoF and a couple of microF.