How do I recharge a 3.7V battery that has a wire like this, without the PCB?

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I'm thinking that maybe there's something I can buy that has a charger port for the plug/connector in the picture.
(P.S.: If there's no such thing, pls tell me as I would just bring this to an electronic repair shop or something)


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Is that lithium? I can't see the plug, but if you knew a little something about the battery itself, you could charge it using a decent bench power supply that has both a voltage limit and current limit adjustment. Or a more basic bench supply with a series resistor. Just figure out what chemistry it is, use that to figure out its current and voltage limits and be careful not to exceed them.

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The battery has written on it "Lithium-Ion". I cannot read how many cells it has or its voltage.
It must be charged properly with a charger designed for it to prevent an explosion and fire.


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That is a standard 18650 cell. Chargers for it are a dime a dozen. You would have to mate the connector to the charger though.