How do I identify an smd inductors value?

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I recently bought an LCR meter to read the inductance of smd inductor.

I set it to 200uH and the result is 4.3uH.

Can I get a 4.7uH inductor as 4.3 don't seem popular to get anywhere? Such as this from Amazon?

Judging from the size it looks to be an 0805. Are there any other values I need to find out?

Attached photo with what I need circled to add to the bottom pads which I desoldered broken inductor (also pic attached).



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SMD inductors are between 10% and 30% tolerance, mostly 20%. SMD Inductors of this size are either 0805 or 0806 (2012 or 2016 metric), but they can vary significantly in height (typically 0.5 - 1.5mm) depending on their series resistance, current carrying capacity and Q-factor. If you can, try to measure the series resistance and height as this could give a clue as to the manufacturer and product series. This could be important - it looks like its part of a pi-filter on an input - and a wrong replacement could have a negative impact.

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Its part of a headphone sockets output. It belongs to an electronic drum kit. The large block on the left is the 1/4" headphone socket. I had to jump the right channel with the red wire, and need to replace the inductor smd for the Left channel (located at unpopulated bottom pads).

I measured resistance on a multimeter on Ohms <200 range, and it measures as 00.2 on the meter.

The dimensions of the smd using calipers is:

W: 1.3mm
H: 0.9mm
L: 2mm

Which seems to be 0805 size.

Hope this helps in identifying it.


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I'll give you odds that the exact inductance is of little important because the part is probably there to reduce the emission of electromagnetic interference or prevent oscillation. 4.7 uH certainly is not going to mean much to audio frequencies.