How do i find the impact of the capacitors in the bus voltage

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So here is my network:


It's asked to find if the fluctuations introduced by the capacitors produce any significant fluctuation in voltage. I need to apply the ratio ΔQk/ΔScck =ΔUk somehow.

I've got no idea how to do that in PSSE, can you guys give me any tips?


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I see a drawing with a lot of symbols and many numbers without any hint of the units, are the units volts? Ohms?, amps? or meters?And since the question asks about the effect of capacitors, there is no mention of frequency. I see only one actual capacitor symbol, in red, at the very bottom right side. But since I see no connection to the other side of the capacitor my answer is that there is no effect at all.


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Upon additional examination I still see only two symbols that I recognize as a capacitors, not connected to anything, and since I also see no hint of any point where the voltage questioned is claimed to be, the evaluation is no effect.

And so if this is an actual question it will need to be asked in a far more complete manner. That will include not the third person speaking.

I am guessing that some of the number pairs ate voltages and phase angles, but possibly not. I recall using "S" terms for reactive elements in one circuit analysis course back in 1970, but have not used them since.