How do i create a Full Adder for 2 2-bit numbers using 4:1/2:1 MUXes?

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Hey guys,
We have to make plans for a couple of different adders (ripple carry, half & full,...) and Im stuck at the last one:
a fulladder for 2 2-bit numbers using 4:1or 2:1 MUXes.
I had no problem with the MUXes, however I've now spent 4 hours trying to get the fulladder.
The scripts weve got to do this are basically useless (way to short and kinda vague), and I'm slightly panicing since I'm running out of time.
Could someone please be my saviour and post a picture or explaination on how to implement it?


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Most members are not going to go to some unknown third-party site and click a button to download something onto their computer. It is strongly recommended that you post your images here so that they are archived along with your post.


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Don't use a third-party site. Just upload the image files to THIS site.

Size your images so that they are somewhere between 300 pixels wide and 600 pixels wide.

First, save your images as either JPG or PNG, whichever results in a smaller file (pictures prefer JPG while screen captures and line are prefer PNG).

If you are on Windows then Paint will do this for you very handily. If you are on another OS, then you might try installing GIMP.

The use the "Upload a File" button below the text-entry dialog and choose the files you want to upload. If they are small enough, you can then insert them directly into your post.